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What are they and what do they help? Bach Flower Remedies are a natural liquid product containing the essense of 38 English flowers.  They help steady and correct emotional imbalances a client may be experiencing, specifically, fear, terror, worry, indecision, uncertainty, indifference, apathy, doubt, discouragement, over caring, weakness, impatience, self-distrust, over enthusiasm, pride or aloofness.


Brief history:  Edward Bach, a top medical doctor in the 1880's, began experimenting with flower essences to treat certain medical conditions related to emotional imbalances in his patients.  He concluded that the personality of an individual was of more importance in the healing process than that of the state of the physical body. He believed that all healing should be gentle, painless and non-invasive. His concept was to treat the personality rather than the disease to normalize the physical problem.



What is the process of a consultation?  Various issues are discussed with the client and a Bach questionnaire is completed to help determine the appropriate mixture of essenses.  The client is given the remedy with instructions on when and how much to take.  There are no negative side effects.  The flower essenses are completely natural and will not interfere with any medications the client may be taking.


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