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What is Toe Reading?


Toe reading is a science and art based on the understanding that everything that happens to us in life is held and reflected in the size, shape, length, direction and contours of our toes.


There are predictable physical patterns the toes develop when put under emotional pressure over time.


The toes contain the history of one’s self.   Our toes are shaped by our experiences and life lessons. 


What is the Purpose of Toe Reading?


The purpose of toe reading is to have the Toe Reader help the Client release the stories stored in their toes.  By examining the toes and asking relevant questions, the Toe Reader may help the Client understand their life lessons and emotions in such a way that they are able to make choices that will help get them on their destiny path, or stay on it.


Significance of Right Toes:


Reflects how a person “steps out” in the world. Issues with family, community, church, school and work groups may affect or influence the right toes.  They reflect the past and the way a person is fulfilling their life purpose on Earth.


Significance of the Left Toes:


Reflects the relationship the person has with themselves.  The left toes relate to their internal self, self judgments, self expectations, their emotions and how they connect with Spirit. 


Each toe represents a different facet of our Life, based on the Ayurvedic Five Element Theory:


  • Big Toe - Ether (Destiny)
  • Second Toe - Air (Communication)
  • Third Toe - Fire (Action)
  • Fourth Toe - Water (Relationships)
  • Fifth Toe - Earth (Abundance and Trust)


General representations of each toe:


  • BIG TOE  represents our Destiny – our life Path and Purpose.  The element reflected is Ether.


  • 2nd TOE represents our Communication with others and with ourselves. It shows our creativity and the vortex of our truth.  The element reflected is Air .


  • 3rd TOE  represents our Action – shows our passion and how we go about “doing” things in life.  The element reflected is Fire.


  • 4th TOE represents our Relationships and reflects our ability to connect, both past (right), with family,  work, community, church and authority, as well as with the present (left), ourselves.   The element reflected is Water.


  • 5th TOE represents Trust on the left side; Abundance on the right. These toes represent how we trust others and ourselves, as well as our deep beliefs about money and abundance.  These toes should be examined together because of the close ties of trust and abundance.  The element reflected is Earth.


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