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Reflexology  - What is it?


Reflexology is an art and science based on the principal that there are reflex zones on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to each body part, organ and gland of the physical body. The reflexologist applies various techniques and pressure to stimulate these reflex zones to promote healing, wellness and relaxation throughout the entire body, mind and spirit.  


What are the benefits?  This type of natural healing promotes reduction of stress, relaxation, and the relief of physical pain. It can benefit every system in your body, including hormonal, lymphatic, digestive, eliminative, circulatory, nervous systems and energetic.  Other benefits may include relief from sore joints, back problems, bowel disorders, respiratory challenges, insomnia and muscle tension.


What technique is used? The client is seated in a chair specially designed for treatments. The hands of the reflexologist are used to stimulate the reflex areas on the client's feet. This is done in a systematic manner, using different amounts of pressure and other methods and techniques. Essential oils are also used during the treatment to complement physical, emotional and spiritual healing a client may receive during a session.


What is a session like?  A normal session lasts one hour.  The fully clothed client is seated in a special reflexology chair with shoes and socks removed.  The reflexologist applies pressure to various reflex points on the client's feet.  Therapeutic grade essential oils are included in the reflexology session and are reported to have a beneficial effect on a client's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Where are the sessions given?  Reflexology sessions are offered in Suzanne's Bowie and Stevensville, Maryland offices or on-site in corporate offices and retirement communities throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Home visits may also be arranged by special appointment.


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