• $75 per hour, Bowie location
  • $95 per hour offsite


Sound therapy:


  • Group Sound Therapy at Bowie Home Studio is $35 per person; generally held on 2nd Sunday of each month at 2:00-3:00.  Call for details. 301.537.7956.

  • Offsite Group Sound Therapy sessions are generally $40 per person    (minimum six people)

  • Individual sessions (Bowie location) - no longer offered


Toe Reading:

  • Individual session (Bowie location), 1/2 hour, $40


Jin Shin Jyutsu:

  • $80 per hour, Bowie location


Ear candling:

  • $60, including first four candles; each additional candle $5, Bowie location, Bowie location


Bach Flower Remedy consultationBowie location only:


  • $75 for new clients, including 1 ounce of remedy mixture
  • $50 for existing clients, including 1 ounce of remedy mixture
  • Refill remedies $25 each


Raindrop Therapy and Reflexology for Feet, $85 per session; Bowie location only


Ionic Footbath Detox, $45, Bowie location only


Contact Suzanne  to make an appointment for  reflexology or other natural healing services by calling 301.537.7956 or email:


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