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Sound therapy is based on the principal that everything has its own vibration.  By using vibration through sound, combined with compassionate intention, wellness throughout the body can be promoted.  Sound healing may bring about a deep relaxation and a sense of overall wellness.


So how does sound heal us?


When therapeutic sounds are made, along with compassionate intention, our bodies can accept this sound through our EARS, through our SKIN and through our ENERGY FIELDS (Chakras).


The vagus nerve is attached to both sides of the eardrum, travels down the torso, attaches to every organ (except the spleen).  This means that every sound we hear affects every organi in our body.



On every square inch of skin, there are an average of 2 million cells, 7 hairs, 10 sabaceous glands, 65 sweat glands, 130 pain receiving centers, 16 pressure points, 9 feet of nerve fiber and 2000 cells connected to sensor organs.  This demonstrates how sound can affect our body, mind and spirit.




We have 7 primary energy chakras – root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  Sound can directly affect the flow of life energy through our bodies. It can have a healing and balancing impact on the individual chakras and on the body as a whole.


How does it do this?

The sound sends electrical impulses to the limbic system – our emotional core.  Entrainment occurs when two different vibrations are affected by each other and become the same vibration (one speeds up; the other slows down).  The brain has the characteristic of changing its vibration to match that of an external stimulus.  The two hemispheres of the brain try to become alike.


What are some of the benefits?

Respiration and heartbeat slow down, which allows the muscles to relax, which creates more space for circulation, which increases blood flow, which increase oxygen/nutrients/hormones to the tissues, which boosts the immune system, which allows for an increase in life force energy.  


Sound therapy provides many of the same benefits that other natural healing modalities does.  This makes sense, because all of them are about energy movement.


Sound tools used during a session:

Tibetan sing bowls, chimes, crystal singing bowls, practitioner singing bowl, rainstick, bells, tingshaws, vocal toning


Other tools used:

Aromatherapy and various meditations to prepare the body for acceptance of the Sound Therapy.


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Sound Therapy by Suzanne

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